In today’s modern home, having a reliable, robust and secure networking is more important than ever...
SONA can provide networking solutions from always available Internet access, to enabling all of your networked devices to communicate together and work to their optimum.

Almost every new electronic device features some form of network connection.  Whether it’s your phone, satellite box, Smart TV, or the latest heating controller – connectivity is the latest technology byword and it’s quickly becoming fundamental to modern living and the services that are now part of our everyday life. Luckily SONA can break down the jargon and provide a bespoke networking solution for you when it comes to your home in Cheshire or the North West.

An increase in the availability of online media through services such as Netflix, Spotify, iTunes, Smart TVs and Sky have meant that we are now used to instant access to the latest music or film releases, all available at the touch of a button – however ensuring that these services work and are useable from a practical point of view day-in, day-out requires a network capable of handling the communication and able to support all of the connected devices.

Where you or family use ‘cloud’ services to store photos, documents and other files remotely, then a robust network becomes even more critical, ensuring that you can continue to access your content reliably.

In addition to supplying and installing the physical hardware that is required, SONA can also configure restricted access to certain websites and services so that the Internet remains a safe place for your family to use.  We can also configure multiple and/or redundant Internet connections to provide more useable speeds in rural areas, or ensure that you always have Internet access.