Although lighting is one of the most important aspects of an interior, and critical to a spaces use and look, it’s design and control is often overlooked – with time and energy spent on sourcing beautiful fittings, without a coherent approach to how the lighting is actually managed and controlled.

Your home is designed to work around the way in which you and your family live – it should complement and be sensitive to your needs.  Your lighting should too – with brighter, more focused lighting for reading or cooking, with lower and more subtle levels for working on the computer, or watching television in the evening.

Why shouldn’t lighting adapt with you as you move through your home – imagine exterior lighting automatically coming on at dusk, and the curtains in your bedroom closing – whilst pressing a softly glowing button by your bedside as you say goodnight to your partner gradually turns all of the lighting in the house off, leaving low level night lights for the children to find their way to the toilet.

An intelligent lighting system allows you create bespoke lighting scenes for individual rooms, areas and across your entire home and garden that can include different levels, colours, fade times and delays to create environments which can transform the look and feel of a room.  
A brightly lit day living room, can be transformed into an atmospheric home cinema, with black-out blinds and cleverly concealed lighting at the touch of a button, or automatically when the big screen appears from the ceiling.

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