Even the most carefully designed, integrated and installed system can be rendered frustrating and ultimately end up being underused without an intuitive control system to provide users with simple, one-touch operation. SONA's approach to integration is all about you...

Modern family life means that different members of the same household each have their own requirements when it comes to technology. What remains the same for all, and in our opinion the most important aspect of any solution is the ease in which you should be able to interact with and control it.
Quite simply, what’s the point of investing in a system if you or your family don’t feel comfortable using it and it’s not making your life any easier or enjoyable?

SONA’s team pride ourselves on customer experience, and the range of clients that we have been lucky enough to design and create systems for.  Where your system has a range of sources and equipment we specifically spend time discussing the system operation and discuss the options for you actually controlling all of the equipment – working up user interface designs for you to review and provide feedback on where appropriate.

Many of the systems we design and install utilise tablet devices such as iPads to provide users with the ability to control their entire system from an intuitive and responsive touch-screen.  These systems simply require you to press a single button for ‘Sky’ (for example) and will then automatically turn on the TV, switch it to the correct input and route the signal from the main rack into the room.  Combined with more conventional hard-button controllers these systems allow even the most technology averse to actively use the system and get the most benefit from it.

Working to your specific brief, we can integrate and cleverly conceal advanced cable infrastructure, lighting controls, audio and high definition video distribution and home cinema in a way that feels effortless to use and fits seamlessly within the design of your property to create your ultimate intelligent home.

Why not give us a call to have a chat regarding your specific integration requirements on 01625 541452 or contact us by email. We don’t do fancy jargon or pushy selling techniques – we just tell you what you want to know!