Whatever the scale of your home technology aspirations, without the correct infrastructure in place to support the equipment, integrating such systems seamlessly and in sympathy with the interior can become a complicated, lengthy and costly affair.

Although the infrastructure aspect of the installations we carry out certainly isn’t the glamorous side of a project, we fundamentally believe that it’s probably the second most important, coming in only second place to the user interface and ease of use of the system.

Historically, cabling can be seen as a necessary evil, with little or no thought put into its presentation and how it can be seamlessly integrated into a property.  
When cables are simply hanging out of the wall into a rack of equipment, or even worse – no rack with cables simply exiting the walls straight into equipment, then not only does this have negative aesthetic implications, but it also means that the system can be almost impossible to service and maintain – and adding to, or upgrading the system in the future becomes complicated and time consuming – adding to the overall cost.

At SONA, we treat the cable installation as a system in itself – a completely independent installation that can be carried out in isolation to any other equipment, and effectively future-proofs the property, adding huge amounts of potential and also adding to its resale value.

Our infrastructure design allow a property to be completely cabled for almost any integrated technology solution, from wired and wireless data networks, home cinemas, and multi-room audio, to fingerprint entry systems and high definition video distribution.

Every cable is brought back to a central location through our Cable Termination Panel, where every cable is terminated, tested and labelled. The electronics which support the technology installation are then housed in a professional equipment rack which can be built and configured at our facility, then brought to site, for simple connection to the cable panel.

Infrastructure may be complicated, but our conversation about your requirements needn’t be. Why not give us a call for a chat 01625 541452 or contact us by email? We don’t do fancy infrastructure jargon – we just tell you what you want to know!