Home Cinema

Enjoy the excitement and experience of watching TV, the latest films or playing games on your own personal cinema, with big screen and immersive surround sound, all in the comfort of your own home.

Whether it’s in a dedicated room, or discretely integrated into your lounge or living area, a home cinema system can provide endless hours of entertainment for you and your family.  That ‘big sound and picture’ experience used to only be available by going to the local multiplex, with the associated waiting in line, sticky carpets, rustling popcorn behind you and that really tall person who always seems to sit in-front of you – and the always frustrating situation when you need to use the bathroom and the film keeps on playing.

A home cinema system from SONA allows you, your family and friends to enjoy the unique experience of a truly immersive big picture and sound experience in the comfort of your own home, and can be installed into dedicated cinema or media rooms, or seamlessly integrated into your everyday living spaces, with discrete and virtually invisible speaker systems, motorised screens that magically appear and a control system so that a single button press automatically sets the system up for you.

With a private home cinema system you can also enjoy all of your other audio video sources on the big screen, whether its programmes and content from satellite TV or Freeview, or playing the latest console games on a screen so large it feels like you are in the game.

In combination with controlled lighting, blinds and curtains SONA can create amazing home cinema systems that you and your family will enjoy every day, for years and years.

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