Developer Packages

Through our immediate experience of working for and with luxury property developers, we have a unique viewpoint on how to integrate technology within a new property to give it that critical edge over the competition so get in touch about our developer packages.

Whether for a speculative development, or for a specific client – SONA can offer insight into the technology options available and can set your property apart from it’s peers and provide bespoke developer packages.

Prospective clients in the high end, luxury property market expect a certain level of technology readiness in a new property, and increasingly expect these new homes to come ready installed with wireless networks, intelligent lighting, audio distribution and in some cases home cinema systems.
At the very least, they expect that the property should be cabled to support the installation of these systems without costly, disruptive works, or having to rely on wireless systems which can be unreliable.
Our developer packages ensure that these aspects of the project have been addressed fully to the highest standards based on our vast experience in the home technology industry.

We work with you to design a bespoke developer package solution for your property, which can simply include wiring the house for the future installation of integrated equipment and services, or the actual installation of carefully considered systems which add real value and increase its saleability, whilst keeping a careful eye on budget.

SONA systems are designed and installed to the very highest standards which is immediately apparent to prospective clients and adds reassurance that the property has been carefully considered and prepared for technology.

To talk about how we can offer you the developer more assistance when it comes to home technology for residential projects in the North West call us on 01625 541452 or email us.