Audio & Video

SONA’s integrated multi-room audio & video systems enable you and your family to access music, movies, TV, photos and security camera images from any room, on any floor at any time. All with full HD and 3D compatibility, and controlled through a wireless handheld controller or tablet.

Regardless of how you listen to music, whether it’s the radio, CDs, iTunes or even online streaming services such as Spotify or Napster (or even combinations of these), we can integrate these  audio & video sources in a single easy-to-use system.

Every user can create and share their own playlists and listen to them in any room of the house using their device (phone or tablet) for control.  Volume can be altered with the touch of a button and set to varying levels across multiple rooms simultaneously, with the same music played in different areas, or different music in every room.

By designing and installing a central audio & video system which is hidden out of view – all the technology and boxes can be beautifully integrated with the interior design of your home, with audio played through speakers which can be as much of a feature, or as discrete as you would like.

A multi-room video system allows sources such as satellite, movie servers, DVD/Blu-Ray, CCTV or photo libraries to be available for viewing across multiple rooms throughout your home.  A single system can enable mum and dad to watch a film in the living room, whilst the children each watch different TV shows in their bedrooms.

Satellite receivers, movie servers and other video devices such as Apple TV can be hidden out of view and still available throughout your home in full high definition and 3D, and you could even have a Blu-Ray player physically located in the living room, also available and controlled from a room on the other side of the house.

If you are an avid film enthusiast and enjoy collecting DVDs and Blu-Rays then we can also provide movie storage systems that digitally store your entire collection and make it available instantly where-ever you are.  These systems also enable you to purchase high quality copies of movies online and have them automatically download to your system for viewing.

As with all of the music equipment, your video sources and equipment can be physically located out of sight, giving you interior spaces that don’t have to be cluttered with electronics and cabling.

To discuss your integrated audio & video requirements for your home in Cheshire why not give us a call for a chat 01625 541452 or contact us by email? We love to talk tech!