Luxury Cheshire Property for Developer

This brand new, beautiful home in Mottram St. Andrew, Cheshire features a full SONA cable infrastructure plus network, music system and blockbuster home cinema.

SONA have recently completed this amazing, luxury Cheshire property for developer Huntsmere in Mottram St Andrew, featuring a SONA developer package.

To ensure that the property is future-ready, and able to cope with any technology requirements the eventual owner may have, SONA have designed and installed a cable infrastructure that will support multi-room audio and video systems, including 3D and high-definition sources such as Sky+HD Apple TV and movie server systems.

The whole house features a Lutron lighting system providing complete control of lighting through-out.  The backlit lighting keypads will be custom engraved to the clients design when the lucky owner does move in.

In addition to these systems, and as an immediate benefit to a purchaser – the house features a six zone SONOS music system which allows six independent rooms to all listen to the same music, or different music simultaneously.
Users can group rooms together and control music across the house, or different members of the family can enjoy their own music individually.
The music system supports streaming directly from tablets and phones and also online music services such as Spotify and Napster.

The main living area features a hidden cinema system with a motorised projection screen which appears from the ceiling for true blockbuster entertainment.  Discrete in-ceiling speakers provide a real ‘cinema at home’ experience and the system features a Blu-Ray player, Apple TV, and is ready for connection of satellite receivers and games consoles.

A comprehensive wireless network ensures Wi-Fi coverage throughout this large home, and the wired network supports devices such as Smart TVs, computers, printers etc.