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Our team designed and installed a property wide system in this Alderley Edge family home including cable infrastructure, data network, mood lighting control, music and 4K video distribution and an exciting media room featuring large screen projection system.

CEDIA Awards 2016
Best Dressed Rack / WINNER
Best Integrated Home / FINALIST

This spectacular property features a complete SONA home technology system.

As with all SONA projects, a comprehensive cable infrastructure forms the backbone of the system, providing support for the various equipment, but also ensuring that the house is future-ready, allowing for upgrades without costly or destructive disruption.
All cabling has been brought back to a dedicated termination panel, where it is individually presented, tested and clearly labelled.

The cable panel and main equipment racks have been housed in custom cabinets in a guest bedroom, remaining completely out of sight, but with the front and rear of each rack completely accessible for ongoing service and maintenance.


A Lutron lighting control system provides seamless control of all interior and exterior lighting, and includes all lamp circuits, and colour change lighting in the pool area, kitchen and media room.  Many rooms feature motorised blinds and/or curtains and the system is configured to automatically control lighting and curtains throughout the home depending on sunset and sunrise times.  Bedroom blinds all close at preset times for example, with lamps coming on in all the guest areas and automatically turning off if the family isn’t using those rooms at a preset ‘night-time’.


Audio distribution is provided throughout the home through discrete in-ceiling speakers and twelve individual SONOS zones which allow different music to be played simultaneously in different rooms, or for rooms to be grouped and the same music played throughout.  Audio is also provided in the rear garden and patio area, ensuring that the party can be taken outside should the notorious Manchester weather allow it.

Video and audio from 4 Sky receivers, 2 AppleTVs, a central Blu-Ray player and the output from a 14 camera CCTV system are distributed throughout the house by a high definition and UHD-4K ready video matrix that allows the family to watch whatever they want, in whichever room, in the highest quality available.
In the swimming pool, a flush in-wall 65″ waterproof TV provides viewing whilst a combination of TVs around the rest of the house provide viewing at sizes ranging from 32-65″.


In the guest bedrooms, the beds feature motorised TV lift mechanisms and the master suite TV is installed on a lift and swivel mechanism, allowing viewing from the bed, dressing and seating area.
When not in use these TVs are completely hidden from view.



The formal lounge in this home features a discrete in-ceiling surround system, with the surround amplifier and subwoofer discretely housed in a floating cabinet at the rear of the room.  This space also features motorised blinds and the entire system is operated through a custom programmed iPad and companion hand-held remote.


A dedicated media room features a large 65″ TV but also hides a full projection system and motorised projection screen which magically appears from the custom cabinetry across the front of the room.  In combination with motorised curtains and blinds, and the bespoke lighting programming – a single press of a button transforms the room from a light and airy family space to a private cinema, complete with its own bar.


To provide intuitive operation for the entire family, a combination of iPads and hand-held conventional hard-button remotes have been custom programmed to provide control over the entire technology system.
The iPads provide one-touch operation of the system, with a family member simply choosing what they would like to watch, and the system automatically configuring itself.
Users also have access to local weather forecasts, control over the lighting and curtains and CCTV viewing directly on the iPads, with the ability to ‘push’ camera images from the iPad onto the local TV.

The companion remotes provide easy and intuitive access to sources and all controls without the need to unlock an iPad and open the relevant app.