Home Technology Service Plan

A home technology service plan is essential if you If you have an integrated technology installation in your home.

Your system is most likely made up of many different pieces of equipment. Most of these units are essentially mini computers and it is an unfortunate fact that they can, and do occasionally go wrong.

Technology isn’t perfect. Whilst SONA carefully select products based on performance and reliability, over the lifetime of a system the chances of an individual piece of equipment going wrong increases - particularly if they are not being regularly maintained and updated to the latest software.

You already mostly likely have a maintenance agreement for your alarm system, your swimming pool and even your car.
Your home technology system can be in many cases significantly more complicated than these systems and often a larger financial investment for you.
Losing Internet connectivity, or not being able to watch TV in the family room for a day could be just as disruptive and frustrating as not being able to use your pool.

It therefore makes perfect sense to invest in a service plan for your home technology installation, and the benefits this offers.

Proactive Monitoring
Our system monitors devices constantly and reports problems to us directly, we can therefore be notified of potential issues, and often react to them even before you become aware that there is a problem.

Ensure all of the devices in your home are working to their optimum, and running the latest, and most reliable software. This means the likelihood of problems is greatly reduced and you can enjoy your system with minimal service calls.

Peace of Mind
The reassurance of knowing that your system is reviewed at regular intervals, is thoroughly serviced with scheduled health-checks and that we are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure everything is operating as it should.

Save Money
Increase the life span of your electronics through regular maintenance, and save money on service calls with reduced hourly labour rates.


For full details and information on the associated costs involved with our digital service plans please Contact Us.