About us

Award-winning home technology
Because good enough, should never be enough

SONA standards are exacting and meticulous right from the initial proposal through to completion.

Our engineers are highly experienced and professional, all working towards the same meticulous standards that SONA, and you demand.

A SONA integrated smart home system is for discerning clients who appreciate attention to detail.  For those who demand perfection, and they themselves have the most exacting standards.  A SONA system is for clients that want to do things right first time.

We enhance your home lifestyle with home technology that takes interior design to a new level of luxury; provides effortless control and stimulates your senses in ways that creates the perfect home ambience every day from the minute you walk through the door.

We appreciate that luxury and indulgence is in all the little details that could have been easily overlooked by a less discerning individual.  Those little details that leave you speechless.

Like building a house on sand, a home automation system without its essential infrastructure, is worthless, and an element that SONA treat as a critical element of every project.
Having this complex, unique and intricate network of invisible cable infrastructure enables your home to look after you and your family both now, and as your home life evolves.



SONA are members of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association), the international trade organisation for the home technology industry and are multi-award winners and finalists in the EMEA region.
Our founder and Managing Director sits on two Global CEDIA committees, and as a company we are committed to improving the services and standards of the home technology industry as a whole.

CEDIA Awards 2018
FINALIST / Best Home Cinema (under £40,000)
FINALIST / Best Home Cinema (£40-120,000)
FINALIST / Best Home Cinema (£40-120,000)
FINALIST / Best Integrated Home (under £120,000)
FINALIST / Best Integrated Home (£230-340,000)

CEDIA Awards 2016
WINNER / Best Dressed Rack
FINALIST / Best Integrated Home (£100-250k)

CEDIA Awards 2015
HIGHLY COMMENDED / Best Integrated Home (£100-250k)
FINALIST / Best Integrated Home (£100-250k)
FINALIST / Best Dressed Rack

CEDIA Awards 2014
WINNER / Best Dressed Rack